We meet at:  Finkle Street, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 1DA

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streetlights at family life church thirskstreet

Streetlights is an outreach of Family Life Church, beginning in September 2011. A team of volunteers patrol the streets of Thirsk, every Saturday night, to care for the people of Thirsk. 

The aims of this outreach - To assist if requested
                                     - To be a friend if you need help
                                     - To be a listener
                                     - To bring hope
                                     - To share the good news of Jesus Christ
They are motivated by their faith and compassion, and are dedicated to serving the local church and the people of Thirsk.
Streetlights are also involved in various community action works.

streetlights at family life church thirsk
streetlights at  family life church thirsk

CONTACT US: Phone: 01845-868188 Mobile: 07379-102266, Email: admin@flcthirsk.co.uk | Charity Number: 1129813